That’s Graphic Design

Project Summary

+ Lesson plan
+ Content writing
+ Concept
+ Branding
+ Animation

Co-designed with Terry McCann

Photography and videography by Violet Grace Wilson

Featured in an article written about the project;

︎︎︎ ECA students share their experience of further study in design with local school pupils



We won a pitch to teach S4 and S5 students, as one of the live briefs we undertook whilst co-directing the Green Tape agency.


We ran a 3-hour workshop titled ‘That's Graphic Design’ taking the students through a crash course on the key elements of Graphic Design. We asked them at the beginning of the workshop; What’s Graphic Design? And they wrote their assumptions, and by the end of the workshop we asked them again on a new sheet to say; That’s Graphic Design, to express what they’d learned. Helping us to analayse how effective our workshop was.


Access To Creative Education Scotland are an organisation that helps students who want to study a creative subject at university.