Pentax Shots

Project Summary

+ 35mm Film 
+ Taken on Pentax P30

2017 - present


Something I like to do in my spare time is film photography. This has been a hobby of mine ever since my dad gave me his Pentax in 2017. He bought it whilst doing his Art Foundation in London in 1985, and gave it to me at the end of my Art Foundation, so it feels nice to know that it’s doing a full circle and getting used again. Exploring my daily surroundings through film photography, taking pleasure in capturing small and memorable moments.


Taking around my Pentax everywhere I go, taking the time on each composition carefully and savouring the film rolls.


Rather than using my phone camera, this method of photography helps me to be more present and to remove myself slightly from digital technology. Using film, I feel is more meaningful and adds an element of surprise to the process - allowing me to only view the photos weeks later once I’ve developed them into physical photos,
re-igniting the memories I once captured.