Messy The CopNess Monster

 Project Summary

+ Brand Identity
+ Custom typeface
+ Animation
+ Sound


Meet Messy The COP Ness Monster. Messy is a five metre-long, three metre-tall, sustainably-built sculpture shaped like the iconic Loch Ness monster, in the spirit of COP being hosted in Scotland this year. 


Messy is made from 800 pairs of donated denim Mud Jeans, the world’s first circular brand and she was beautifully crafted by Billie Achilleos & team. Messy spent COP26 in Grosvenor Square in London surrounded by
QR codes and information to support COP26 and beyond. She will continue her life in shop windows and businesses to promote circularity to a wider audience.


WaterBear wanted to help bring the critical conversations from behind closed doors at COP26 in Glasgow and into the public eye so that more people can be informed. Unlike the Loch Ness monster, the need for circularity is certainly not a myth — rather it’s crucial that we adopt this into all of our systems.