From Designing
for Consumerism
to Designing for

Project Summary

+ 1 dissertation



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A 6,157 word research project dissertation exploring how design can help to transition
from our consumer-led society to a more sustainable one.


Consumerism has impacted everything; from the way we buy things, to the health of our planet. Through discussing how consumerism has become an overwhelmingly negative social and economic order, I investigate how design can mitigate our environmental impacts in order to sustain our climate at a lower temperature. Further, it dives into how “if sustainability is at the heart of design it could become an integral part of the solution to the survival of our planet.”


The entire profession of graphic design needs to be remodelled with environmental sustainability at its core, with designers and students becoming activists and advocates for making changes in their industry, just like movements such as Do The Green Thing, Brandalism and AdBusters are attempting
to do.