Project Summary

Video editing
Graphic design
+ Motion graphics
+ Strategy
+ Copy writing
+ Social media


I worked with Earthrise for almost a year helping to build the wider business strategy, leading on the look and feel of all the video content, working across multi-media projects with brands in the impact industry and crafting engaging content across all their social platforms.


From film, content and campaigns, to consultancy. Earthrise is all about bespoke and trailblazing collaborations that future-proof our world.


With the belief that the power of storytelling can challenge the status quo, Earthrise envisions a future where a transformation in climate, culture and consciousness can create a world where all life thrives.



Reactive April Fool’s Day content.




12-part explainer series in partnership with Bloomberg Originals, highlighting climate solutions from around the world.


An Earthrise Original on the energy crisis sponsored by YouTube. Jack Harries and Joi Lee invite the Earthrise community to collaborate on the content.



Earthrise with Nat Kelley

A short-form satirical series challenging ‘Business-as-usual’ with Nat Kelley.

The Download with Joi Lee

A monthly digestable round up of climate news on Earthrise.

No Te Imaginas with Isabella Noero

Breaking down different topics surrounding the climate crisis each month in Spanish.