Creativity  vs.

Project Summary

+ An A2 letterpress poster       
+ A dissertation


Creativity Vs.
Climate Change poster:

This A2 poster has been exhibited now in 3 exhibitions accross Scotland.

+ Glasgow, at the @s_h_o_w__o_f_f
degree show

+ Hawick, at the @zemblagallery
run by

+ Edinburgh, Meadowbank, run by
@jack__arts billboardsand


An exploration of what it means to me to be a Graphic Designer in this era.


Through a bold typographic poster stating my aim of channelling ideas and my creativity through projects and initiatives to help combat the
climate crisis.


Graphic Design is a communication tool and by its broadcasiting nature, it influences lots of people. With this comes a responsibility, and so I feel it’s my duty to inform and educate on key issues
like sustainability.