Corona Creativity

Project Summary

+ 4 A1 posters


Featured in the Designing in Quarantine archive, run by The Royal Academy of Art
and The Victoria & Albert museum (V&A).

View the article here.


A series of posters created during the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown period for the UK in March 2020.


Each day over the course of 5 days I set myself the task of making a piece of mindless creative work. I was needing an activity amongst baking and completing my degree to keep me sane from staying inside all day. So, I started the ‘Corona Creativity’ series to ease my mind and focus my energies on something creative and mindless.


Creating these works was purely calming and with no agenda, I played some chilled music on one of my Spotify playlists and freely made them, one per day. I used materials from my constantly growing collection of found, recycled materials from various packagings, tapes and papers over the years. The outcome; a free expression of my mind during the lockdown of Covid-19.